My Greatest Technical Challenges

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The Blake Group - Architecture was hired to participate in the design and construction administration of this work, which involved many building systems and sub-systems of remarkable complexity. In Boarding Area G - the North, I designed finish systems in travertine, stainless steel that form the bulk of the exposed surfaces in this 1,000 foot long building. I designed the placing and cladding of the escalators, elevators, stairs, handrails and ceiling components.

During construction administration on the main terminal, I designed the prototype ticket counter (160 total), and reviewed the final shop drawings for construction of the 18-foot diameter revolving doors, the bi-parting automatic doors and their steel thresholds and surrounds, the millwork in the customs zone, the terrazzo floor, interior steel and wall panels, stainless steel base, elevator cabs and surrounds, partial unitized fram curtain wall review, graphics and signage, interior expansion joint covers, exterior roadway expansion joint covers, louvers, parapet handrails, miscellaneous metal, and others.

This was an invaluable technical experience that not only clarified a great many construction features and techniques and standards, but that allowed me to develop very efficient systems for large-scale shop drawing review - a critical process in the delivery of top-level architecture at any scale.