My Greatest Technical Challenges

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THE PAHLAVI LIBRARY (Iranian National Library) | Tehran, Iran

This project was an international architectural competition sponsored by the sister of the Shah of Iran. The building program was for over on emillion square feet of library space, making this one of the largest national libraries in the world.

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I was thrilled when my structural engineering professor - Bill LeMessurier and landscape architects Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz - signed on as consultants. Along with Keyes Metcalf, the premier library consultant, William Lam, the renowned lighting consultant best known for the Washington DC subway system lighting, I had a world class team.

I worked on this project sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, for nine months. I was happy with my design, and all of my consultants were pleased that they had contributed to a world-class design experience. Although the Iranian Revolution precluded all of the Shah's bold plans, the project was a great personal experience.