Visionary Work

Every architect in regular communication with the muse has new ideas that do not necessarily coincide with a paid gig. These ideas must be expressed both as a record of the architect's personal development as a creative thinker and to prevent unseemly, residual build-up of unexpressed ideas - not good for the soul. The following are a few of my musings on residential architecture.
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Architects are as competetive as professional atheletes, entertainers or fighter pilots. Tom Wolfe wrote in his great book about the astronauts (who were primarily ex-fighter pilots) that a pilot who didn't think he was the greatest who ever lived would likely not have The Right Stuff required for those night carrier landings in a storm - so it appears with architects. We are compelled to stretch the envelope, to redefine the envelope, forget the envelope and just soar. These are a few of my flights of imagination.
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