THE BLAKE GROUP - Architecture delivers Total Project Management. Total Project Management means one-stop shopping for clients with a team that is organized by an experienced, licensed architect with the skills to ensure that the entire building delivery process serves the greater purpose of delivering delight through inspirational space and structure while meeting clients' expectations for budget control and technical excellence.

Any endeavor benefits from having a single passionate individual coordinating the players, solving the problems as they occur, and providing a thread of responsible continuity from beginning to end. Total Project Management means a thorough knowledge of the state and local planning regulations and building codes that instills confidence in city building officials and inspectors.

Total Project Management means:
  • Creating excellent relationships with City Planners and Building Officials
  • Brainstorming with the client to ensure sensitivity to spiritual, emotional, lifestyle, and budget needs in the programming and planning of the project.
  • Coordination with Civil engineers and landscape architects on site-related issues: grading/drainage, plant materials, paving and walkways.
  • The production of thorough, careful construction documents to ensure clarity during Building Permit Processing, bidding, and construction.
  • In-house structural design with coordination of mechanical and electrical information.
  • Bid management services, qualifying and analyzing past performance of contractors, ensuring the best value for the client.
  • Construction administration and construction coordination as required to ensure continuing quality control throughout the course of construction.
  • Total attention to the large concept, as well as to the myriad of detail that forms the project.